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What Happened to Grace & Little Gracie?What Happened to Grace & Little Gracie?



  My name is Brian Reapp, the son of Grace and the older brother of Gracie. I'm on a mission to try and find the bodies of my mom and sister in Jericho Vermont. I live in New Port Richey Florida and have been busy raising my three children. I lost my wife in an accident in 2003 raising them on my own. My two oldest children are grown and have moved out, now living their lives, leaving me with my youngest, now 16 years old. It now leaves me time to aggressively pursue my mom and sister's whereabouts. I have been having a memory for the last two years of a place in the woods behind our homestead where leaves were disturbed exposing ground that looked dug up. With all efforts from my aunt, Juliana Woodworth, and the Vermont State Police examining the grounds around the house, they would have overlooked this place. My goal is to get back up there but I am unemployed and struggling to make ends meet here. If I can find and connect with some good people, hopefully through donations, I will be able to spend some time looking for them. I might be their only hope for discovery. I want to find a conclusion and give them a respectable burial that they deserve and then write a book about my story, with the possibility of a movie of my whole situation. If you can help me, it would be a blessing and very much appreciated from the whole family. I have a link where you can securely donate through my Pay Pal account, set up just for this. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my story and feel our pain..

God Bless - Brian Reapp



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